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Client: Seaview Repair LLC/City of San Clemente

Project: Via Bellota Landslide Repair

G&A provided Civil Engineering services for repair of the existing landslide in the Seaview community in the City of San Clemente. Project included preparation of the grading repair plans for landslide area, reconstruction of existing streets, replacement of existing storm drain facilities, sewer & water improvements, Hydrology and Hydraulic analysis, and preparation of SWPPP and WQMP.

Client: City of Chino Hills

Project: Chino Avenue Widening

G&A provided design survey and construction documents for Chino Avenue widening. The project design included preparation of signing & striping, traffic signals replacement, Storm drain facilities and water transition relocation plans.

Client: City of Irvine

Project: Bonita Canyon/Culver Drive Street Improvement

Mike Ghalbi designed and managed the Bonita Canyon project street improvement plans from San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor (Toll Road) to Culver Drive. The project required interface and coordination with Caltrans and major property owners along the street alignment.

Client: City of San Clemente

Project: Seaview Drainage Study

Project included hydrology and hydraulic analysis of approximately 85 acres of existing residential development in Seaview Community, replacement of existing 33' damaged storm drain lines and manhole with new 36' and 45" RCP and manholes. The project also included a new energy dissipater and flood control open channel through Shorecliffs Golf Course.

Client: City of San Clemente

Project: Arterial Highway Rehabilitation Program (AHRP)

Projects below are some of representative projects that G&A provided PS&E for road rehabilitation plans improvement for the City's AHRP since 2006. The services include preparation of the Plans, Specifications and Estimates as well as construction support and surveying.

Client: City of Fullerton

Project: Rosecrans Fire Station #6

As Project Manager, Mike Ghalbi prepared the site improvement plans of Rosecrans Fire Station for the City of Fullerton Fire Department. Design and plan preparation included precise grading & paving plan, hydrology analysis, storm drain facilities, sewer and water improvements and construction management.