Residential & Mixed-Use Projects

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Client: Centex

Project: Hawks Pointe

This 170 acres, 365 lots of planned hillside residential community development is located in the city of Fullerton, Orange County and City of La Mirada, Los Angeles Coiunty. One of the project challenges were processing, approval and permitting of the plans and supported analysis through the eight (8) governmental agencies such as County of Orange and Los Angeles, City of Fullerton and La Mirada, Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wild Life Services, Caltrans, Fish and Game, Orange County Sanitation District and Suburban Water System. For more details of project's challengs, go online and look for article in Professional Surveyor magazine published August 2002 by Mike Ghalbi.

Client: Pacific Land Company (PLC)

Project: Westridge Residential & Golf Course

This 300 acres, 400 single family planned hillside residential community development is located on a reclaimed oil field that enclosed 150 abondoned oil wells in the city of La Habra. The project consisted of three product types of 5000, 5500, and 6000 square foot pads adjacent to and integrated with an eighteen-hole golf course. The total grading of 13 million cubic yards included mass excavation, the remedial grading for the petroleum landened soil, the remedial excavation for slides and alluvium removal, and the grading for the Environmental Golf Inc. 18-hole golf course. the project design included the design of a five million-gallon concrete pre-stressed, post-tensioned reservoir and associated pump station. The project design included the design of major off-site public facilities including the improvements and widening of the existing Idaho Street, Beach Boulevard, SR-39 a State highway and Hillsborough Road. Drainage facilities included a major retention facility integrated into the golf course and the jacking of a 48 inch RCP across Beach Boulevard.

Client: Seaview Repair LLC.

Project: Seaview Community

G&A provided Civil Engineering services for repair of the existing landslide and creation of twenty (20) mobile home lots and seven (7) single family residential lots. The Design services included preparation of the grading repair plans for landslide area, reconstruction of existing streets, replacement of existing storm drain facilities, sewer lines, water lines, Hydrology and Hydraulic analysis, and preparation of SWPPP and WQMP.

Client: Southern Sun Construction

Project: Goodridge Community (Tract 34625)

G&A provided Civil Engineering services for residential tract homes in City of Riverside. The design services included site survey, Lotting study, grading, drainage study, water & sewer, and mapping.

Client: UCLA Program Management

Project: UCLA Student Southwest Campus Housing

As the Principle-in-Charge, Mr. Ghalbi provided design oversight for the preparation of the construction documents and specifications for the 7 buildings, 840 unit apartment complexes for UCLA student housing near campus, in Westwood area, the City of Los Angeles. The construction documents include grading, street, storm drain, sewer and water improvements, offsite water transmission relocation for DWP and widening of streets surrounding the project. The project also required close interface and coordination with the architect, landscape architect, UCLA program management, Department of Water and Power, and the City of Los Angeles.

Client: Arc Development Company

Project: Ocean Village Complex

G&A provided Civil Engineering services for this mixed-use Residential/Commercial project that consists of twenty eight (28) Townhouses, five (5) Penthouses, two (2) sing-family residential units and near 10,000-sq.ft. of retail space. The project is located in the heart of City of Oceanside.